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Top 5 Reasons Why Hiring an Adoption Attorney Is a Good Idea

Many families have a genuine desire to provide a family for a child. Whether you’re a pregnant woman considering placement of your child for adoption or a prospective adoptive family, an experienced adoption attorney is critical to assist with the… Read More
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Beware of the Convenient Estate Plan

Beware of the convenient estate plan, a blog from Neale & Newman about the dangers of completing an estate plan online without an attorney. Read More
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Questions to Ask a Divorce Attorney Before Hiring One

Divorce. It is often emotional and personally challenging. It can be an unhappy time where emotions run high and tempers flare easily. You may have children and the process can be very stressful for them. In the midst of your family’s disruption, n… Read More
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Estate Planning Amid the Coronavirus Outbreak

The Coronavirus outbreak has made life difficult for many people in America. It’s a scary time. The economy is fragile, and the health of your loved ones is a primary concern. We hope that you and your loved ones are safe, secure, and healthy. Esta… Read More
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What to Look for in Intellectual Property Law

Intellectual property law involves assets that are not tangible, such as logos, company names and brands, various types of writing, photographs, computer software, and ideas. Protecting your ownership rights in these allows you to reap the financial… Read More
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Common Issues in Real Estate Law

Several of Neale & Newman’s attorneys understand the legal issues arising from real estate transactions. Our firm handles real estate and construction law for clients throughout Missouri. In today’s blog, Neale & Newman examines commo… Read More
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The Importance of Estate Planning

Estate planning can make an important difference in the future of your family. Although you might not consider estate planning very often, developing a plan for the future is in your best interest. Not only does this process protect your assets, but… Read More
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What Is Condemnation Law?

At Neale & Newman, condemnation law is one of the areas in which we practice. Many people are unaware of the impact that Missouri condemnation law can have on individuals and businesses when it comes to real estate property. In today’s blog pos… Read More
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Adoption Lawyer: What to…

Adoption Lawyer: What to Expect During the Pre-Placement Adoption Process

The decision to adopt is a significant decision in the life of any family. There is a major need for parents who are willing to adopt children, but the process is lengthy and difficult to maneuver. If you are looking to adopt and want to have the pro… Read More
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Neale & Newman Partner J. Richard Owensby Is Retiring

Springfield attorney J. Richard Owensby, a partner in the law firm of Neale & Newman, L.L.P., retired from the firm at the end of the year. Read More
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