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Common Issues in Real Estate Law

Common Issues in Real Estate Law

Several of Neale & Newman's attorneys understand the legal issues arising from real estate transactions. Our firm handles real estate and construction law for clients throughout Missouri. In today’s blog, Neale & Newman examines common issues we find in real estate law.


You must perform due diligence concerning title searches. Any liens against a property could negate a seller’s ability to complete a sale. Liens may arise due to foreclosure, unpaid debts to contractors, past-due taxes, and more. Defective titles might happen because of easements on the property, incorrect information on a title or deed, or a lack of recording a transaction on a deed. A real estate attorney has the know-how to navigate any issues with titles to make sure a transaction runs smoothly.


Zoning issues arise when a property owner wishes to change the purpose and use of the real estate. For example, you may wish to buy a property zoned for residential, yet you want to create a retail establishment there. Perhaps the property is on the edge of a commercial area, or there are possibilities for mixed use. Before you purchase the property, a real estate attorney can navigate zoning and land use laws ahead of addressing planning and zoning boards, applying for permits, and representing your interests during committee meetings.


You have your sights set on a prime piece of real estate for investment. The nearby road sees plenty of traffic, and infrastructure is already in place. Unfortunately, the previous owner failed to disclose that the property endured flooding issues once every five years due to heavy rains. Our real estate attorneys dig deep into a property’s history before you choose to buy it, so you can be informed as to any issues that may come up later.

Environmental Concerns

Asbestos, lead paint, pollution, contaminated water, and hazardous chemicals all face intense regulatory scrutiny from the federal government. If any of these problems occur on your commercial property, you could face stiff penalties. Your ordinary insurance may not cover these things. Real estate attorneys know what to look for when there are possible environmental concerns with a property.

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