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Mergers & Acquisitions

 Neale & Newman, L.L.P. handles complex legal procedures for businesses near our office in Springfield, Missouri, and nationwide. A respected firm with experienced lawyers, we provide cost-effective service for business acquisitions and mergers while remaining true to our small town roots.

Our Business and Commercial Law practice group handles all aspects of business mergers and acquisitions. Our attorneys can assist in the following business aspects:


  • Reorganizing
  • Negotiating a letter of intent
  • Performing due diligence
  • Negotiating a purchase agreement
  • Negotiating subsidiary agreements like employment agreements, non-compete agreements, managing agreements and financing agreements
  • We also handle “earn-outs” – with the goal of ensuring that, in the end, the buyer received what was paid for.


Names and Trademarks After a Business Acquisition or Merger

Brand name recognition is important. Sometimes, a trademark can be among the company’s most valuable assets. When two companies merge, what happens to the trademarks? Attorneys at Neale & Newman, L.L.P. can effectively manage all issues related to intellectual property law, including trademark and copyright issues.


Integrating Pre-Existing Service Contracts Into A New Business

Acquisitions and mergers do not occur in a market vacuum. The connections, obligations, and attachments of both companies still exist after the merger. But service contracts need to be changed in order to mesh with the structure of the business entity that will form after the merger or acquisition is complete.  This can be an arduous, document-intensive process. At Neale & Newman, L.L.P., we have the capacity and technology to handle all aspects — while constantly keeping our client’s objectives foremost in mind.

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