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Lawsuits, who wants them? The answer is, nobody does. We all would rather spend our time and efforts on something else. We understand this as well as you do. We too are business people, consumers, homeowners, and patients. We are committed to representing you with a plan and a budget so that you can resolve your matter as effectively and economically as possible.

Our firm’s practice is wide through Missouri circuit courts, federal courts, those of neighboring states, administrative agencies, and local governments. Our traditional practice has emphasized real estate, banking, bankruptcy, contracts and leases, probate and estate issues, personal injury, divorce, appeals, and employment disputes. We have expanded our practice portfolio over the years to include eminent domain, disputes with local governments and public agencies, workers’ compensation, zoning, corporate governance, adoption, consumer issues, and class action litigation. In even more recent years, we have also focused upon arbitration for both commercial and employment disputes. We also use mediation as a frequent tool on behalf of clients. Two of our partners are also certified mediators.

Dispute Prevention, Negotiation and Mitigation

Being effective in litigation many times also means knowing how to avoid litigation or lessen expenses when possible. So, we encourage clients to take steps to avoid litigation by using clauses for arbitration, non-competition, non-solicitation, forum selection, indemnification, and similar tools.

We encourage an open and collegial relationship so that we identify the goals in your case, to make a plan that meets them, and to agree upon a realistic budget that will pay for it. These will tend to make your experience with litigation more pleasant and lessen the chance for unwanted surprises.

Most lawyers these days will tell you that they listen, are economical and work aggressively for you. The difference with us is that we have always treated clients this way and we are committed to treating you the same way we have treated clients for over 110 years. Ask around, and we believe that is what you will hear about us.

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