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Adoption Lawyer: What to Expect During the Pre-Placement Adoption Process

Adoption Lawyer: What to Expect During the Pre-Placement Adoption Process

The decision to adopt is a significant decision in the life of any family. There is a major need for parents who are willing to adopt children, but the process is lengthy and difficult to maneuver. If you are looking to adopt and want to have the process move as smoothly as possible, the adoption lawyers at Neale & Newman can help. In today’s blog post, our adoption lawyers offer a guide to what you can expect during the pre-placement adoption process.

Start the Adoption Process

The first step in the adoption process is finding the right agency. This is a crucial decision, especially if you aren’t looking for a private adoption. Research potential agencies and evaluate what kind of adoptions they handle and what their record is in the community. Don’t be scared to ask them questions about their process. Once you select an agency, the pre-placement stage begins, which often comes with a significant waiting period.

Be Ready to Wait

The waiting period will vary based on the agency and the circumstances of the child being adopted. A typical domestic adoption typically takes at least two years. An international adoption takes longer, often up to five years. The waiting period is lengthy because your agency will spend time vetting your family situation and working through the paperwork. Having an adoption lawyer can help make this process easier.

Know the Costs

There isn’t a fixed cost for adopting a child, but the process is often expensive. While the cost ranges, sometimes as low as a few hundred dollars, simple and inexpensive adoptions are rare. The price for a private domestic adoption can be $30,000 and up, while international adoptions can be even more expensive due to travel costs and legal proceedings. An adoption lawyer can help prepare your family for these costs and understand what you are facing.

Prepare Your Home

The last step in the pre-placement adoption process is preparing your home for vetting and placement. A home study is the first step, which summarizes your family situation as well as your financial situation. An adoption lawyer can help you through this process. Preparing your home will also include interviews for you and the other members of your home. The goal is to determine the fitness of your home for adoption.

Contact Neale and Newman’s Adoption Lawyers for Help

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