What Is Condemnation Law?

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At Neale & Newman, condemnation law is one of the areas in which we practice. Many people are unaware of the impact that Missouri condemnation law can have on individuals and businesses when it comes to real estate property. In today’s blog post, Neale & Newman explains what condemnation law is, how it works, and when you need help.

Defining Condemnation Law

Condemnation is when a local, state, or federal government seizes private property from an owner and then compensates that owner for the property. While most people don’t know what the term condemnation means, they almost certainly learned about eminent domain in school, which is what gives the government the power to take the property. This has long been a controversial legal area, as the government is required to give compensation to the owner for the land, but the owner doesn’t actually have a say in the sale. In other words, the government doesn’t need an owner’s approval during condemnation.

How Does Condemnation Work?

The condemnation process is varied and doesn’t always look the same for everybody. This is why condemnation law is important, as landowners will need legal representation to assist in their unique situation. Once the government decides to begin the process, they will have the land appraised and present the owner with a pro tanto award, which is essentially a partial-payment offer made by the government for the land. If the owner does not wish to accept that award, the government will file for the right to eminent domain, and a hearing is scheduled. At this hearing, the government will present the court with evidence that the award offer is reasonable and that the property will be for public use.

How Can I Get Help?

Condemnation can be frustrating for landowners, and it often seems unfair. If you do not wish to accept the pro tanto award and want to take the situation to court, condemnation law becomes crucial. At Neale & Newman, our lawyers can help you present evidence to the court at all stages of the condemnation process and protect your interests during any appeals or challenge processes.

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