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When Should Small Businesses Obtain Workers' Compensation Insurance Coverage?

Small start-up businesses understandably want to limit their initial costs. Is workers’ compensation coverage required? And even if it is, do owners have to be covered or can they opt out? This is an important question because owners’ compensatio… Read More
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Is COVID-19 Covered Under Workers' Compensation?

For most occupations, we do not yet know whether Missouri law will recognize COVID-19 as an occupational disease or injury under the Missouri Workers’ Compensation Law and, if so, under what circumstances. Many people at first presumed that since t… Read More
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Does Drug and Alcohol Testing Make a Difference?

Workplace testing for alcohol and impermissible drug use is commonplace. Employers will commonly apply discipline for violations under human resources policy. It can also be very important in workers’ compensation, and not just because employer pol… Read More
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