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Personal Injury & Wrongful Death

 A car accident or other serious injury-causing event can create a major disruption in one’s life. It can even disable or kill. At Neale & Newman, L.L.P., we are a large law firm with the resources to handle any claim against any opponent. But we have small town roots, treating our clients like we would our neighbors.

We are not a “mill.” We will provide the level of personal attention that your injury and circumstances require. We are experienced, efficient litigators with our clients’ best interests at heart. We can handle:


•    Serious car accidents
•    Slip and fall accidents
•    Premises liability
•    Worker’s Compensation Injuries / On-the-job Accidents
•    Wrongful death


Your privacy is important, and our firm is known for acting with discretion regarding sensitive client information. Many of our clients have high profiles in their communities. If you don’t want your injury and compensation to become a public spectacle, we can help.


We Will Take Your Case To Court

Most personal injury claims settle out of court. Unfortunately, some attorneys and law firms believe this trend relieves them from the obligation to ever go to trial – even when it is in the client’s best interest.

At Neale & Newman, L.L.P., we are dedicated to the pursuit of the client’s best interest in every case. If the opposition refuses to agree to a fair settlement, we will take them to court.

Our experienced probate and trust law group can handle the most complex cases involving many different scenarios. We will litigate to achieve the result our client desires.

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