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Condemnation Law

At Neale & Newman, L.L.P. we keep abreast of the changes and the court decisions that impact condemnation requirements and procedures for effective state court representation.   Often, parties are able to negotiate reasonable settlements for condemned property; however, when negotiations fail, you need attorneys who know the system, the pitfalls, and the opportunities that can be gained with a thorough knowledge of this area of the law.  Our attorneys at Neale & Newman often:

•   Assist with selection of state-certified appraisers who serve as expert witnesses

•   Communicate with landowners on Notice requirements under state law

•   Provide guidance on valuation issues that impact ultimate condemnation awards

•   Initiate the Condemnation process seeking judicial orders for condemnation

•   Recommend condemnation commissioners who will consider valuations in the best interest of our clients

•   Present evidence to the Court at all stages of the condemnation process including the final hearing on value

•   Protect client interests in the event of appeals or challenges to court rulings and awards


Whether you are seeking a condemnation order or have a condemning authority seeking to acquire your property, you can count on us to help you negotiate this specialized area of the law.  Property rights are well rooted in our nation’s history and in our specific state laws that protect landowners.  Condemnation cases can be highly complex as “taking” vs. a “right to peaceful possession” are placed in the balance.  At Neale & Newman, L.L.P., we know what it takes to tip that balance in favor of our clients, and we bring our experience and skill to every case in an effort to accomplish our clients’ goals. If you are in the need for divorce and family law then be sure to contact us today regarding your issues and you’ll be in great hands. 

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