Agriculture Law

The most important aspect of finding an attorney is finding one who understands your problem and is passionate about helping you find a solution. At Neale & Newman, our attorneys understand agriculture and the many problems that farmers, both big and small, face every day. We are focused on serving you. Our lawyers represent landowners, farmers and other agribusiness interests involved in crop and livestock production. Our lawyers care about your crop loss, land use, rights of way and easements. WE can also help you with issues related to land transactions, ag product liability and livestock management.

As today’s farmers confront an ever-increasing set of regulations, our lawyers can help you address issues with expansion and operation in the face of legal uncertainty. We can help you with contractual matters, litigation, regulation, environmental compliance and any other challenge you may face in agribusiness.

Many farmers are not aware of the vast advantages of a Farm Succession Plan. In order to preserve your farm for your family and future generations, you should consider a specialized plan tailored to your family’s agribusiness. Our attorneys can help discuss every option available for your family and your business to secure your legacy. For further information on Farm Succession Planning, please visit our Estate Planning page.

Attorneys:  Cathryn "Kate" McNary