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Estate Planning

At Neale & Newman, L.L.P., we are ready to handle your estate planning and administration needs.  Our Estate Planning and Administration Group consists of experienced attorneys and paralegals and is led by J. Richard Owensby, an attorney with years of experience.

Our estate planning attorneys can design for you a personal estate plan in order to avoid the need for probate administration, not only in the event of your death but also in the event of severe disability so that more assets can be retained for your loved ones and so that your private personal financial affairs can remain confidential.  For those clients with higher net worth, an estate plan can be devised so as to either minimize or to eliminate entirely the impact of estate taxes.

We can also prepare the appropriate documents in order to assist you in eliminating the possible future need for guardianship proceedings in probate court, to provide for a health care proxy to assist in making health care decision in the event of a substantial decline in the condition of your health in the future, and to otherwise prepare you and your financial affairs for the future.

For those clients who have carefully planned their estates, our attorneys can assist them in an orderly settlement of their affairs in the event of severe disability or death.  That assistance can include the payment of any obligations, including taxes and the transfer of the assets to the intended beneficiaries, all outside of any court involvement.

For those individuals who have not properly planned so that the need for probate administration is required, our attorneys are very experienced in the procedures which are involved in a probate administration.  In addition to guiding you through the administration process, we also advise on means by which the trust or estate can be protected from creditors, required court filings, estate and income tax issues, and the other issues which arise as a result of the death of an individual. 

Be sure to check out our Intellectual Property law team if you are facing in legal needs in this area as we are one of the most trusted teams in the state. 

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