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Business Attorneys in Springfield, MO

Neale & Newman, L.L.P. is a respected full-service law firm in Springfield, Missouri.  Our Business Group is equipped to handle the most complex legal procedures for businesses in our hometown and nationwide.  Our business attorneys are prepared to assist you in starting a new business, dissolving a company, and any challenges you may face in between.

Led by attorney Bradley Risby, the attorneys and paralegals in our business group are familiar with many industries and have handled virtually every legal issue a business can face.

Business Practice Areas Covered

We represent small, mid sized and large businesses, including franchises and Fortune 500 companies.  Our business and commercial law clients come from Missouri and throughout the country.  Our business group handles:

•    Banking and Finance Law
•    Business and Commercial Law
•    Business Organizations
•    Employment Law
•    Intellectual Property
•    Mergers and Acquisitions
•    Real Estate and Construction Law

This is far from an exhaustive list. Neale & Newman, L.L.P. has been in operation for over 100 years.  In that time, we have handled virtually every legal issue a business can face.  You can see our full list of legal practice areas in Missouri here.

We provide cost-effective resolutions for business law disputes

If you have a dispute, there are two ways to solve it:  one cooperative, one adversarial.  Before entering into expensive adversarial litigation, we attempt alternative dispute resolution and negotiated dispute resolution.  This includes bankruptcy work-outs.  It saves our clients’ time and money. If we can’t negotiate a low-conflict agreement, then our litigation group can effectively represent you in any state or federal court.

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